Connecting You with God and One Another

The Community Bible Reading Journal guides us into a deeper relationship with God through His Word and one another in His Word daily.


The Impact

The CBR Journal has spread from a few dozen people in one church to thousands of people in hundreds of churches in a handful of years.






20,000+ participants



4 Languages


The Tool

The CBR Journal is only a Tool...a means to an end
If The CBR Journal doesn't work, it's worthless.
But, if this tool accomplishes its designed purpose, it's priceless.
Learn more about the Design that guides thousands of people
into a deeper relationship with God and "one another" every day.






Our Mission is to help you connect with God through His Word and one another in His Word daily.  The CBR Journal is a tool we developed to serve in that mission.  Additionally, we are delighted to provide the following resources to you and yours as you use The CBR Journal to experience intimacy with God and each other.


Even if you are unable to attend a Workshop in person, you can still listen to or watch these interactive studies designed to help you enjoy a Bible Reading Discipline that is Gospel-Centered, Spirit-Led and Inter-Dependent.   


Our Directors walk alongside Pastors and Leaders as they look to "infect" their Community, Church or Organization with The CBR Journal.  We've listened to countless stories of How God is using this tool around the world.  Email us to schedule a conversation where we can share what we've learned.

FAQ Videos

FAQ Videos include...
"What is The CBR Journal?"
"Why would I want to use The CBR Journal?"
"How do I use The CBR Journal?"

On Site Training

Often times, the best thing we can do to support a community utilizing The CBR Journal is to provide On Site Training. 
Email us to schedule a training time for your organization's staff, to provide a workshop for your lay leaders or to lead a seminar for your congregation.