The CBR Journal has developed through the input of leaders who personally benefit from the tool, deeply desire to have the organizations they lead infected by the tool,  and winsomely advocate for the tool to other leaders.  Our Advisors provide valuable feedback as The CBR Journal is updated annually.


Robert Greene  //  Redemption Hill

Robert serves as the Lead Pastor of Redemption Hill in Richmond, VA.  He frequently travels internationally to strengthen and encourage pastors and church planters.  

"I’m extraordinarily grateful for how God is using The CBR Journal in my heart and the hearts of our people. Together we are cultivating a deeper love of the Gospel as we engage the Bible through the lens of The CBR Journal and as we encourage each other in the ways that God has encouraged us! "


Elliot Grudem.jpg

Elliot Grudem  //  Leaders Collective

Elliot lives in Raleigh, NC with his family.  He is the Founder of Leaders Collective.  He is well-known, respected and loved as a "Pastor of Pastors".

"I’m finding daily encouragement from a daily engagement with God’s Word in a way I never have before. I believe so much in The CBR Journal, I give one to every pastor and church planter I work with through the Leaders Collective.”



Paul Whaley  //  Summit Crossing / Acts 29 USSE

Paul is the Lead Pastor of Summit Crossing in Madison, AL.  He serves on the Network Leadership Team for Acts29 USSE.  

"The CBR Journal has become a crucial part of our strategy to “make disciples” at Summit Crossing. We are committed to every member of our community Rehearsing the Gospel each morning and Discussing the Gospel with their community every day through this simple but incredible tool."