Our Story

The CBR Initiative was launched by Trinity Presbyterian Church (TPC) in Lakeland, FL in 2005. In line with the goals of the CBR Initiative, The CBR Journal was created by Ted Sinn, a church planter sent out from TPC, in 2012.  It was created to help participants connect with God through His Word and connect with one another in His Word daily.  The assumption of CBR and The CBR Journal has always been that believers do not have to read the Bible to earn or keep God’s love, but that believers get to read the Bible to enjoy and become more aware of God’s Love.

Based on the effectiveness of the tool in the lives of individuals, The CBR Journal began to spread in a viral fashion around the globe.  Through relationships and word of mouth, there are now over 20,000 participants in at least 8 countries.  Also, The CBR Journal has been translated from English into Spanish and Mongolian.

While our Directors enjoy leading Workshops at our Partner Churches, our current focus  is on equipping leaders who desire to be used by God to create a viral culture of Gospel-Centered, Spirit-Led, Inter-Dependent Daily Bible Reading in their Community.  Not only do we train leaders in how to provide our Workshops to their community, we also coach leaders as they look to permeate their community with The CBR Journal.