The Design of
The CBR Journal

The Cover

The leather cover protects the contents from real life while showing the effects of life.  The CBR Journal logo and the year is pressed into the cover of "GENERIC Journals".  Any logo can be pressed into the cover of "BRANDED Journals" (30 minimum).

The INTROduction

The first nine pages explain the What, Why and How of The CBR Journal.  The CBR Journal is spreading through life on life relationship and the Introduction helps participants share and enjoy this life-giving tool with family and friends.


The Reading Schedule helps us get on the same page.  While we travel through the NT every year and the OT every 3 years, the goal is not to read through the Bible in a certain amount of time.  The goal is to connect with God and one another today!



Each day we...
1 - Surrender through Prayer
2 - Listen to the Scriptures
3 - Pray through our Pen (A.C.T.S.)
4 - Prepare for Gospel Community

The Appendices

The Appendices can help build a Daily Bible Reading Culture that is Gospel-Centered, Spirit-Led and Inter-Dependent. 
They can be reviewed by individuals and are further explained in our workshops.


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