The Invitation Workshop explains the What, Why and How of The CBR Journal.  Invitation is designed for people who are just getting started with The CBR Journal or who are thinking about utilizing The CBR Journal.


The Surrender Workshop explores how we experience a deeper connection with God by Surrendering to The Scriptures.  Surrender is designed to help current participants avoid ritualism in order to enter a deeper relationship with God.


The Community Workshop explores why our interaction with others about our Private Bible Reading is as important as our Private Bible Reading.  Community is designed to help current participants avoid Independence and Over-Dependence in order to enjoy a deeper relationship with One Another.


The Expectation Workshop explores the New Testament's Paradigm for the Old Testament.  Expectation is designed to help current participants enter into the Old Testament with Anticipation instead of Hesitation as they expect the Old Testament to lead them to God's Redemptive Work in Jesus.